About Hitesh Sharma

Turning the lenses around with Hitesh Sharma
Whether shooting in a studio and on location, one of the successful photographers, is Hitesh Sharma. He possesses the ability in capturing moment that reveals a lot about the subject which in turn has the viewer engaged.

Hitesh is energetic and dedicated with four years plus experience of an extensive kind in specialized and customized photography. He is renowned for dynamic portrait that requires more than just technical prowess. Capturing images of
high-quality is his forte along with having the materials organized with photoshoots.

On every forum of photography, he displays professionalism and confidence like no other. He is well-conversant with multiple kinds of photography inclusive of Baby, Maternity, Travel, Event, Product and Fashion photography.
In photography’s field, e has been lauded for all his creative ventures in the form of awards.
He has been the recipient of prestigious awards like the award of Kala Ratan and the Rajasthan Photofest winner in 2017. He has twice been awarded in the year 2017 by Rashtra Kinkar and also won Excellent Photographer award in 2016. Street photography is another domain where he has exercised his prowess and also bagged the street photography award.
With numerous participations outside and in India, he has won many gold medals.